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We will drive your motorhome or you can ride in ours
  /  Driver-2Go

MY-IVVI Driver-2Go Services

“We can either drive your motorhome or you can ride with us in ours.”

Driver-2Go Services is a new standard in RV rentals that provides excellent services to its passengers and pets, creating a fun, timely, safe, and Covid-compliant environment. When you choose Driver-2Go services, you’ll receive the following services:


Driver-2Go Chauffeur Service

Looking for reliable and stress-free RV relocation and long-distance solutions? Look no further than Driver-2Go Chauffeur Service! Our Driver-Chauffeur* can transport all types of RVs, including motor coaches, towable campers, fifth-wheels, and pop-ups, to specialized garages for out-of-town repairs. We can even help deliver your RV when it’s time to sell it or give it to one of the kids.

If you’re someone who experiences anxiety, can’t fly, can’t drive, has medical issues, and requires empathy, compassion, special services, and care during a long road trip, we’re here to help. We offer a chauffeur service for you, your pet, and your family or rented RV motorhome. We can even assist you with trip hotel reservations and car rentals, making your trip a hassle-free experience.

The best part about our rental RV with a Chauffeur is that it covers all your bases using one easy package. During your trip, your RV will serve as your office, staging area, hotel room, kitchen, entertainment space, and transportation method.


Driver-2Go Tours & Trips

Driver-2Go Tours & Trips provides Guided RV-Motorhome Tours in Canada and the USA. Our experienced Driver-Chauffeur will take you to various activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, and sports like yoga, biking, horse riding, hiking, and diving. We organize the excursions, activities, campsites, and meals, so you can enjoy your trip without any worries.

The best part about having a reliable driver during your festive tours is that you won’t have to miss out on any of the fun. You can fully enjoy your trip without the stress of driving. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about being a responsible driver if you decide to make stops at bars and pubs before getting back on the road.river-2Go Professional Service

Hire a driver for your Motorhome- a Professional Driver Can Enhance. Your Trip when planning vacations with friends, destination weddings, honeymoons, spa treatments, bachelor parties bachelorette trips, etc. Our driver-chauffeur can be set up and waiting at your campsite, resort, or business event.


Worldwide Guided Tours: Explore the Globe with Driver-2Go

Tailored Experiences, Expert Guides, and Unforgettable Journeys

Are you ready to embark on a remarkable adventure across the world? Look no further! Travel by Luxe has been curating exceptional private tour experiences for over a decade. Our team collaborates with top-notch tour operators and local guides globally, ensuring dream vacations are meticulously planned to perfection. From Europe’s historic landmarks to the vibrant streets of Asia, we’ve got you covered. Imagine strolling through Buckingham Palace in England, gazing at Paris from the Eiffel Tower, or gliding along Venice’s canals in a private Gondola ride. Whether you’re exploring the African savannah or scaling Mount Kilimanjaro, our insider knowledge and VIP access guarantee an unforgettable journey. Request your complimentary custom tour itinerary today and let us create the vacation of a lifetime!


Driver-2Go Special Packages and Services

Driver-2Go Driver-Chauffeur offers a variety of packages and services for customers. To request a quote, simply fill out our form and provide details about your trip or tour. One of our employees will get back to you shortly.


We only offer drivers for RVs or vehicles, whether they are your own or rented from us.

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*Driver-Chauffeur is not sleeping in the RV

The MY-IVVI Driver-2Go Service Team understands that you wouldn’t want the driver to share the small space of your RV-Motorhome or Trailer with you. Therefore, after driving you to your destination, the driver-chauffeur will sleep in a hotel, inn, tent or trailer during your trip and vacation.

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